HEXIMO Flat Profiles, XPS Polystyrene Drywall Profiles for Wall and Ceiling, Ceiling Moldings, Polystyrene Ceiling Frames (20.4 meters HFL 2)

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MaterialXPS / extruded polystyrene
Product Dimensions: L x W x H170 x 1.3 x 4 cm
ColorHFL-2 – 13×40 mm
  • 20.4 meters / 12 strips, flat strip HFL-2, surface: smooth, slightly rough, material: XPS / extruded polystyrene, dimensions: 1700 x 13 x 40 mm, density: approx. 45 kg/m³, fire protection class: B2
  • Versatile use – XPS profiles offer numerous application areas. They can be used as frames for walls and ceilings, wall cladding, to hide unsightly transitions and unevenness, or as your own craft project for individual needs
  • Made in Germany – XPS (extruded polystyrene) is a fine-pored polystyrene with a uniform foam structure. The material has a slightly rough surface, is super lightweight, easy to clean, and pressure-resistant, making it a good choice for your renovation
  • Quick and easy installation – Flat moldings are installed by gluing. Before mounting the moldings, the surface must be thoroughly cleaned. For gluing, we recommend our polystyrene adhesive ‘Titan Premium’
  • Your specialist in decoration and interior design – At the HEXIM store, you will find more items and accessories to give your home a luxurious ambiance

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Flat moldings

Impressive Room Design with Premium Flat Slats

The use of flat molding profiles is becoming an increasingly popular trend. They come in many different patterns and sizes, giving you the opportunity to add a personal touch.

Versatile Uses, Creating Unique Effects

Say goodbye to unsightly aesthetic defects: Wall and ceiling moldings easily hide small irregularities where improvement is needed. Also used as frames for pictures and wall decorations, flat slats can create an elegant look and highlight them. When used as wall panels, your space will be restructured, gaining completely new depths and an interesting appearance.

Thanks to their simple design, the profiles are perfect for enthusiasts and DIYers in individual interior renovation projects. They can be combined in a sheet pattern and painted with solvent-free wall paint.

Flexibility and Features of XPS Profiles

XPS polystyrene flat slats are a cost-effective option for insulating living rooms and bedrooms, as the material is robust, durable, and easy to clean. In addition to excellent insulation properties, the material is pressure and moisture-resistant, allowing installation in damp rooms and basements. It ensures long durability due to its high resistance.

Installation of Flat Moldings

XPS polystyrene foam is a versatile and easy-to-process material that is easy to mount even for home craftsmen and hobbyists due to its low weight and ease of processing.

Glue the 1.7-meter-long profiles with polystyrene adhesive on an absorbent base. Thanks to the low weight, it is not necessary to fix the profiles for a long time. Processing is easily done with a sharp knife or a fine saw.

Our Product at a Glance:

– Flat moldings made of extruded polystyrene (XPS)
Can be painted with all solvent-free paints

Suitable for residential and commercial premises

Can be used in basements and damp rooms

Recommended for indoor use

Cost-effective way to change the ambiance


High quality, made in Germany

Add accents to visually expand rooms or also to hide minor defects. They are a cost-effective way to improve any room in your home or business. The many different designs and sizes of our range offer you unlimited possibilities in visualizing your room.

Recommended Components and Accessories

– Matching adhesive: Titan Premium
Miter box for cutting

6 reviews for HEXIMO Flat Profiles, XPS Polystyrene Drywall Profiles for Wall and Ceiling, Ceiling Moldings, Polystyrene Ceiling Frames (20.4 meters HFL 2)

  1. Amazon Kunde

    Produkt und Versand in Ordnung
    Die Flachleisten wurde schnell und gut verpackt verschickt. Keine Fehler oder Macken an den Leisten. Alles prima.

  2. Jessika M.

    Ist gut
    Dachte die wären dicker und auch besser vom Material . Muss man bisschen vorsichtig mit arbeiten

  3. mike gerstenberg

    Leisten sind alle verzogen, besonders an den Enden. Ich musste einiges herausschneiden. Akzeptabel
    Handwerkliches Geschick, scharfe Messer und einen Kleber mit hoher Anfangshaftung sind hier gefragt. Akzeptable Qualität… Ich bin handwerklich einigermaßen begabt…

  4. Wachter M.

    Produkt Top / Versand Flop
    Ja…das Produkt selbst ist voll ok und entspricht den Vorgaben. Leider muss ich mich über den Rückversand ärgern. Wir wollten das Produkt zurückschicken weil wir uns für etwas andere entschieden haben.Enorme Kosten für Rückversand, was meiner Meinung nicht OK ist!Naja 🙁

  5. Melanie

    Nutzung als LED Stuckleiste – leicht gebogen
    Ich habe die Profile auf eine LED Eckleiste geklebt und somit eine Nische für die LEDs geschaffen. Die Stuckleiste ist so dicht, dass tatsächlich kein Licht durchschimmert. Einen Stern Abzug erhalten die Leisten trotzdem, denn bei mir sind zwei der Leisten leider mit einem kleinen Bogen versehen gewesen und somit etwas krumm.

  6. Vanessa

    Achtung – NICHT druckfest
    Diese Leisten sind leider, anders als in der Beschreibung deklariert NICHT druckfest. Man kann also mit dem Finger ohne Probleme Druckstellen erzeugen. Somit waren sie für mich nicht zu gebrauchen. Verarbeitung usw. ist aber gut!

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HEXIMO Flat Profiles, XPS Polystyrene Drywall Profiles for Wall and Ceiling, Ceiling Moldings, Polystyrene Ceiling Frames (20.4 meters HFL 2)
28,58  28,58 

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