Modern Living Room Decoration Minimalist Wood Art 50×70 cm x3 pieces – Frames with Included Black Frame

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  • HOME DECORATION with DekoArte – Exclusive pictures, handmade and designed in Spain, leaders in the development of trends for wall decoration for over 10 years, continuously innovating and evolving our catalog with the best results for our living room decoration pictures and bedroom decoration pictures.
  • WALL DECORATION – The size of our decorative sheets is 50x70cm per piece, large size to place your pictures above the sofa or above the headboard. Pictures with frame included, you will not have to worry about framing them.
  • DECORATIVE PICTURES – We highlight the intensity of colors of the pictures by applying a manual technique with acrylic gel on the finish of the picture, offering better quality. At DekoArte we take care of the small details.
  • ENVIRONMENTS WITH PERSONALITY – We all want our home to reflect who we are, to be cozy, with an original but timeless design. In our extensive catalog of decoration pictures, you will find personality, art, and design.
  • WARRANTY – Our product has a 30-day return guarantee. For DekoArte, customer satisfaction is the most important, therefore our customer service team is at your disposal to resolve any doubt or incidence.


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About the Brand

Product Description




Who Are We?

Focused and dedicated to home decor, and especially wall decoration, we are designers of our own products, giving them an exclusive look made by DekoArte.


New Designs

We have recently designed a new line of framed pictures, this style of pictures brings a touch of elegance to your home, visibly they are more sophisticated pictures ideal for decorating the living room, the dining room or even to decorate your office.

The new design in addition to the novelty of including the PVC frame, includes a layer of gel applied by hand on the front of the design that shows a relief effect providing a different touch in terms of quality is concerned.






  • We include a novelty with respect to the manufacturing process where we add a manual process that consists of the application of a gel or acrylic varnish on each of the images, what do we achieve with this? The image is textured where a small relief on the picture is appreciated, it gives brightness, glows are observed depending on the incidence of light, and protects the picture over the years. The result is a picture with much more elegance and presence.


  • In this product photo, we can see the depth offered by the disposition of the PVC frame. With a frame thickness of 2 cm, the picture’s image stands out much more, and since we combine the frame colors with the image colors, the result is a set of pictures with more presence and more sophistication than a picture where the frame is not included.


  • Digital printing on DM wood with UV printers, materials with which respect for the environment is guaranteed, the printed colors have more strength, and this combination offers greater durability and resistance over time.
  • Included inside the packaging is a set of ‘mounting kit’ pieces where you will not have to use a drill to hang the pictures, you will simply have to hammer the easy hang to the wall.


  • We show you the individual packaging for each set of pictures, of 2 or 3 pieces. Each picture is packaged with cardboard corners where rubbing between pictures is avoided to prevent scratches, ensuring better resistance to stacking and shocks that the article may suffer during transport.
Modern Living Room Decoration Minimalist Wood Art 50×70 cm x3 pieces – Frames with Included Black Frame
99,90  99,90 

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