WGV Transparente Cilindro jarrón de Cristal, 4 por 16

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46,19  46,19 

  • Abierto: 4 pulgadas
  • Altura: 16 »
  • Ideal para velas flotantes arreglo

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Jarrones de cristal hechos a mano. Ideal para centros de mesa gruesos de calidad. Medidas: 4″ de ancho por 16″ de altura.

10 valoraciones en WGV Transparente Cilindro jarrón de Cristal, 4 por 16

  1. HS

    This is a lovely vase
    I broke a similar one that I had for years and this one was reasonably priced. I didn’t think it would arrive in one piece but it did, very well packed and a fast delivery. I’m delighted with it.

  2. Alichia Woods

    Exactly what I was looking for.
    Perfectly fit two bags of potpourri and looks great in my living room. I do not doubt that some people may have received broken vases, but that seems like a delivery issue. My vase came perfectly fine. It had one tiny scratch and that was it. It would be like playing a very intense round of Where’s Waldo to try and find it with the vase filled.

  3. WT

    Good Item
    It is very beautiful. I received what I expected.

  4. kazuki

    Worth every penny!
    Totally worth the money. What is so great is it can be fashioned, arranged, or beautifully placed in many a creative way. In fact, I plan to purchase two more this week 👍

  5. María

    Buen diseño y tamaño
    Es un florero que se ve elegante y es de buen tamaño.

  6. Marcos

    Florero funcional y ligero
    Se siente ligero comparado con otros floreros similares. Por las demás características está perfecto.

  7. Amazon Customer

    Broken, thin glass
    Came broken on arrival. Glass is very thin, product is very light.

  8. Cintya Chávez

    Buena calidad y diseño
    Muy buena calidad

  9. mirta serrano

    Tall vase
    Loved it. Perfect for round small table where you don’t have enough space to put a regular centerpiece!!

  10. Alma Q.

    Padrisimos y muy buena calidad
    Padrisimos y muy buena calidad

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WGV Transparente Cilindro jarrón de Cristal, 4 por 16
46,19  46,19 

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