Velas LED grandes parpadeantes impermeables, 10 x 25 cm, sin llama, funciona con pilas, mando a distancia para exteriores, temporizador de marfil, velas de plástico, paquete de 2 – Yeelida

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FraganciaSin perfume.
¿Se incluyen las pilas?No
Recuento de unidades2.0 unidad
  • 10x25cm: Si buscas velas grandes sin llama impermeables, ¡tienes que probar esta! El diseño impermeable de plástico de 10x25cm permite utilizar las velas LED en más lugares. Ideal para porche, jardín, patio, piscina o playa.
  • Vela impermeable IP55: el plástico grueso y el material antioxidante permiten que esta vela impermeable se utilice normalmente en invierno o verano. No necesita preocuparse de que la lluvia o la exposición al sol dañen sus velas.
  • Control remoto y temporizador: el control remoto de 10 teclas incluye cuatro funciones: encendido/apagado, temporizador de 2/4/6/8 horas, modo de parpadeo y ajuste de brillo. Una vez que configure un temporizador para las velas que funcionan con baterías, las velas sin llama funcionarán a la misma hora todos los días.
  • Vela de larga duración para exteriores: aunque el tamaño de la vela sin llama es grande, ¡no afecta el tiempo de funcionamiento de la vela de hasta 450 horas! Además, las velas impermeables se pueden usar repetidamente porque se les pueden reemplazar las baterías, lo que significa más energía. eficiencia.
  • Mecha de nuevo diseño: redujimos el tamaño del cabezal de la lámpara para que funcione más como una llama real. Además, el brillo mejorado permite que esta vela resistente al agua funcione con intensidad.

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Velas impermeables
Velas impermeables
Velas impermeables

10 valoraciones en Velas LED grandes parpadeantes impermeables, 10 x 25 cm, sin llama, funciona con pilas, mando a distancia para exteriores, temporizador de marfil, velas de plástico, paquete de 2 – Yeelida

  1. Fatigati V.

    Schöne große Kerzen, praktisch das sie draußen stehen können. Lieferung war pünktlisch und die Verpackung war ganz gut.

  2. Saupayan

    Radiant Ambiance
    Transform your outdoor spaces with the enchanting glow of Yeelida Large Flameless Flickering Waterproof Candles. Standing at 4″ x 10″, these LED wonders create a mesmerizing ambiance without the worry of flames.Perfect for outdoor gatherings or adding a touch of warmth to your patio, they withstand the elements with their waterproof design. Battery-operated convenience ensures hassle-free use, while the lifelike flickering flame effect adds a cozy atmosphere to any setting.Whether illuminating your garden pathways or enhancing your outdoor decor, Yeelida candles offer the charm of real candles without the risks. Elevate your outdoor experience with these versatile and elegant luminaries.

  3. Jean S.

    Nice looking flameless candles
    These look like brand new pillar candles. The flames have that ever so slight flicker to them that makes them look just a little bit more realistic. There is no detail on them (like melting wax or anything like that), but that is OK for me, since I am going to use them on a porch and no one will be studying them up close. They have a remote and a timer function- which is always a plus for me. They look good and are a good value for the money.

  4. Jan

    Beautiful large candle
    Just what I’ve been looking for, would definitely recommend.

  5. Peg P.

    Slim and quite tall. Perfect for my decorative lanterns! Will buy again.

  6. Sabine Schreiber

    Toller Artikel
    Die Kerze sieht wirklich wie echt aus. Ich habe sie in einen Kerzenständer gestellt. Sieht wirklich klasse aus und mit Fernbedienung ganz bequem klare Kaufempfehlung

  7. Michele

    Larger than expected
    My error were larger than expected but have kept as they are a good bright white and work well. I will find a use for them at some point.

  8. Charles L.

    Size makes a bold statement – some remote functions don’t work
    Despite being hard plastic, these pillars look remarkably realistic (as long as you don’t look too close!). We like the big size – 10″ tall. Great for mantle or sideboard decor (see photos). The multi-function remote allows control of brightness, steady or flicker effect, and includes a 24-hour timer function: you first choose how long you want them on – 2 ,4, 6, or 8 hours – and the candles will go off after that time, but will come back on again the next day at the same time you initially set. So you can set them and forget them, and they’ll keep coming on and going off at your set times every day until you turn them off and reset them.But the flicker function is buggy – when you set it to flicker, it instead sets the candle to full brightness. The only way you can control brightness is if you set the candle to steady light. Perhaps this is not a huge issue, but my preference would be to have it flicker on a low light setting, and it won’t let me do that. Hence four stars not five.

  9. Ginette

    Très jolie et réaliste

  10. TMc

    Let there be light!
    I was surprised by this candle. First of all, it was bigger than I expected. That’s on me – the description is clear, I just didn’t wrap my brain around it. It’s an impressively sized candle.The column does look like a real wax candle in a sort of creamy ivory colour. It even feels like wax. The flame doesn’t look real close up, but it’s very convincing from a bit further away. The way that the little disk «flickers» is brilliant. It shines like a flame.The remote is handy. I love that I can set a timer, there are several options (2H/4H/6H/8H). I’ve had it in my bedroom and I turn it to a 2 hour timer when I go to sleep. That way I don’t kill the battery.Speaking of batteries, they area easy to install. It takes three AA batteries, which are included. In future I’ll likely substitute in rechargeable batteries. I do find it really difficult to get the battery door back on. I assume I’m doing something wrong, but maybe not.Very nice candle. I might get one or two more to make a little grouping of them.

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Velas LED grandes parpadeantes impermeables, 10 x 25 cm, sin llama, funciona con pilas, mando a distancia para exteriores, temporizador de marfil, velas de plástico, paquete de 2 – Yeelida
28,99  28,99 

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