MAZZEGA ART & DESIGN 6 “I Colori di Murano” glass glasses. Tumble-CLAS-Mix

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9.8 Ounces
  • Made in Italy: This glass set is entirely made in Italy according to the ancient tradition of glass-making, completely handcrafted hand by Vetrai masters
  • Dishwasher safe. Color and shine unalterable over time
  • Quality artisanal production: manufactured according to the ancient techniques of the Murano glass masters
  • Professional packaging: Products are packaged by professional glass packers. The containers are mounted on double-layer corrugated cardboard and reinforced to resist movement during distribution.

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Goto da Acqua MAZZEGA ART & DESIGN glasses are completely handmade according to the techniques of Murano artisans, guaranteeing extraordinary attention to detail and superior quality.

Murano glass vases are fascinating works of art that embody artisanal excellence and the ancient tradition of glass-making on the island of Murano, located near Venice, Italy. These glasses are recognized throughout the world for their intrinsic beauty, elegance and craftsmanship with which they are made.

Tradition and Beauty

The history of Murano glass Gothics has its roots in the lives of ancient glass masters: fornase Gothics (“oven glasses” in Venetian) were created and used by masters for drinking during hard work in the kiln. The Gothics were molded with hot vitreous paste, without paying attention to perfection of form. Today these creations with their characteristic irregular shape have become prized objects, much loved and in demand throughout the world. The Gothic “The Colors of Murano” reinterprets the Venetian tradition of Fornase Gothic.

Murano glasses are made from blown glass, a process that requires great skill and precision. Master glassmakers begin by heating a barrel of glass in a kiln to a high temperature, then remove it and begin blowing the glass into the desired shape. During this stage, they can add colors and decorations to the glass, creating unique shades and patterns.

MAZZEGA ART & DESIGN 6 “I Colori di Murano” glass glasses. Tumble-CLAS-Mix
99,00  99,00 

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