General Terms and Conditions of Sale

Patricia Jarandilla Araque (hereinafter, “Patricia J. A.”), with NIF 47488584R and fiscal domicile in Spain, C / Almendro 12, 45662 Alcaudete de la Jara (Toledo), informs of the General Terms and Conditions that regulate the use of the Shop of the website (hereinafter the “PJ3DArtist Shop” “PJ3DArtist” or the “Shop”) that Patricia J. A. makes available to Internet users.

I am the author and owner of the PJ3DArtist Store. As a 2D and 3D digital design artist, I specialize in the development of visual art and design, ranging from characters to unique decorative objects. My creations are designed to be enjoyed in a variety of ways, from 3D prints to illustrations and other forms of visual art.

At, you can explore and purchase my works. In my 2D Art & Decoration collection, you will find diverse and captivating digital illustrations ready to bring a unique touch to any space. In the 3D Models & Prints section, I offer a variety of meticulously crafted digital sculptures and models, all ready for 3D printing or digital use. And finally, in the Physical Art Pieces collection, you can discover a variety of artistic reproductions, from ceramics to resin, each one carefully crafted to bring an artistic touch to your physical environment.

At the PJ3DArtist Store, my goal is to provide you with a pleasant, comfortable, and safe environment. I’ve designed a simple purchase process to make your experience as satisfying as possible. I invite you to explore and find something that inspires and captivates your imagination.

Follow these steps to buy and enjoy the products without the need to move and from wherever you want.

  1. Select the products you want and add them to your basket using the button next to them.
  2. Once you have everything you want, go to My Basket at the top of the screen.
  3. Go to view complete basket or Place order.
  4. Check the units and products you are going to buy and click on the place order button. If you have a promotional or discount code, in this step you can apply it.
  5. Confirm the shipping address, billing information and select the payment method. Where applicable, read and authorize the corresponding privacy policy.
  6. That’s it! Soon you will have your products for you to enjoy.

This simple purchasing process requires you to register as a user of PJ3DArtist. You will be able to store your shipping address and preferences for all your purchases, saving time and effort with each one. At PJ3DArtist Store, I have taken all the necessary measures to ensure that you can make your purchases with complete peace of mind and maximum security. When you make a payment, all the information and personal data you send from your computer or mobile device is transmitted encrypted to my server, using a standard 128-bit encryption method known as SSL (Secure Socket Layer).

In our online store, you can pay by credit card or PayPal. Payment by credit card is made through a secure and encrypted connection, so your banking details are only processed by the banking entity, and I do not retain or handle them. If you prefer to place your order without providing your credit card number, you have the option to pay securely using the Paypal system.

If you have any questions, you can check the frequently asked questions section or send your inquiry via email to I may add your anonymized inquiry (without your name or identifying information) to the FAQ page to help others with the same doubt.


These terms and conditions will govern the commercial relationship between the customers of the Patricia Jarandilla Araque Online Shop hosted on the website (hereinafter The PJ3DArtist Online Shop or The Shop), and Patricia Jarandilla Araque (Hereinafter Patricia J. A.), being able to manage the process of acquisition, billing, delivery, claim and after-sales service through third party service providers. By formalizing a purchase, the customer declares to have read these terms and conditions and, likewise, accepts them.


  1. The products sold directly from our website are subject to the general terms and conditions of sale of PJ3DArtist.
  2. The products from Affiliates accessible from any page on are subject to the terms and conditions of sale of the respective seller and website owner:
    • The products from Amazon Affiliates accessible from our store are subject to the terms and conditions of sale of Amazon, accessible at
  3. The commercial relationship is established between the buyer in the PJ3DArtist Online Shop (hereinafter, the “Client”) and Patricia J. A., being able to manage the process of acquisition, billing, delivery, claim and after-sales service through third party service providers.
  4. The commercial relationship between the Client and Patricia J.A., including the purchase of any of the goods or products offered in the Shop (hereinafter, the “Products”), is regulated in these terms and conditions.
  5. These terms and conditions will be in force as long as they are available in the Shop and may be updated by Patricia J.A. at any time by publication in the Shop on the site
  6. Any inquiry, suggestion, complaint or claim regarding the online sale of the Products, can be made through the Customer Service of the Shop through the following channels:
    • Email:
    • Form for inquiry, suggestions, complaints or claims.
    • Customer service hours: Monday to Friday from 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.
  7. When the Shop receives complaints or claims from the Customer, by any of the means made available at any time, it will process them in the shortest possible time and never within a period exceeding 14 days from receipt.


Customers must complete the electronic form, following the instructions indicated and obliging themselves to provide, always and only, accurate and true data in order to manage the purchase process and customer service as well as sending a newsletter, loyalty and determination of consumer preferences or, where appropriate, to manage the availability alerts of Products of interest.

In order to purchase Products in the Shop, Customers must complete the electronic registration form, selecting a username and password that are security elements and allow them to buy in the Shop and facilitate their identification in subsequent purchases, the creation and access to purchase history, the management of preferences and notifications. This data is confidential and for personal use and non-transferable.

Once the Customer has been registered, the Shop will send to the email account that the Customer has designated, a confirmation of registration.

The Client will be solely responsible for the proper custody and confidentiality of the password, so it will be understood that any third party that may use them does so with the consent and on behalf of the Client.

It will be understood that all purchases of Products in the Shop, prior identification and authentication through the username and password, have been validly made by the Customer, and will be binding, so the Customer will be solely responsible for any purchase of Products made with your username and password.

Patricia Jarandilla Araque reserves the right of admission to the services, to people who, according to its criteria, the service is not directed as well as to change its offer of products at any time.

Patricia Jarandilla Araque reserves the possibility of, on occasion, being able to count on external professionals to offer these services. The particular characteristics of each service or product will be specified on their corresponding sales pages.
The use of the Shop, browsing it and / or the purchase of any Product implies the acceptance by the Customer, in full and without reservations of any kind, of these terms and conditions. In the event that the Customer does not wish to accept all or any of the applicable Conditions, he may simply not access or use the Shop.

The legal relationship derived from the registration as a Customer of the Shop is of indefinite duration, without prejudice to the fact that both the Client and Patricia J. A. may terminate or suspend it unilaterally at any time and without any cause other than their will expressed to the other party in this regard. This resolution or suspension will not affect any obligations arising from purchases or orders made previously.


The Products that can be purchased in the Shop are those that, together with their essential characteristics and price, appear at all times published in the Shop. Before confirming the order, the shipping costs that were applicable will also appear.

The price of the items on the website includes the Value Added Tax (VAT) in force at all times.

To issue invoices correctly Patricia Jarandilla Araque will need the client to check the box “I need Invoice” of the corresponding form, and to fill in the data properly in the payment form, document or email corresponding to said request for information.
Purchases made by taxpayers of the VAT (companies or professionals) resident in the European Union with an intra-community NIF will be exempt from VAT, for which it will be necessary to send the NIF to the mail for the verification of their due registration as an intra-community operator.

Purchases made by natural or legal persons resident in non-EU countries, the Canary Islands, Ceuta and Melilla, will be exempt from the payment of VAT, and the recipient of the merchandise must pay the taxes and duties at destination.

Order confirmations, Proof of Purchase and Invoices are sent by email manually or automatically after the purchase has been made as appropriate. In case of subscriptions, they are sent automatically when the monthly payment is made. If you do not receive your order confirmation, proof of purchase or invoice, please send an email to to request it and we will send it to you manually.

Promotions will be duly indicated as such.

All orders and purchases of products and services in the Shop are conditioned to effective availability at the time of purchase.

Services will be provided according to the availability of Patricia Jarandilla Araque.

Patricia Jarandilla Araque reserves the right to apply discounts and price changes when it deems appropriate, as well as to create discount coupons for the promotions it deems appropriate, with the conditions it deems appropriate and with the duration it deems appropriate.

The means that Patricia Jarandilla Araque uses for the communication and exchange of information with users and customers is the email and the forms that she makes available to her in and via email. At the moment it is not possible to make consultations, reviews etc. by phone or videoconference. Project management is complex and this is the most efficient way our experience determines we should use. If this is something that may bother you, please do not book the service or make the purchase.

Digital Products And Membership:

Access to your digital product is instantaneous from the moment the customer makes the payment.

Access to the membership (which will be available soon) will be reported on its corresponding sales page.

The client will no longer have access to the membership from the moment he cancels it, and the time already paid ends. There is no possibility of money back.

If for any reason the user or client experiences a technical problem and cannot access, loses access, or cannot recover the password, you should only send an email to so that we can help you solve this problem within our working hours.

Prices And Shipping Costs

The price of each Product will always be shown in the applicable currency and will include, where appropriate, all applicable taxes. In the event that the Shop identifies an error in the price of the Products, it will inform the Customer of this circumstance and he will have the option to confirm his order at the correct price or, failing that, cancel it at no cost.
The price of the Products does not include shipping costs, which will be borne by the Customer, unless expressly stated otherwise. The Customer will be duly informed of the amount of these expenses, which will be broken down prior to the confirmation of the order and payment.
The shipping costs will depend on the Product purchased, its weight, volume, the place of destination and the shipping method selected by the Customer. Shipping costs will be shown as soon as possible, prior to the confirmation of the order and payment.
The prices and shipping costs that appear in the Shop apply exclusively to the Products offered through the Shop and for as long as they remain published. The Shop expressly reserves the right to modify prices at any time by publication in the Shop itself. However, the rates in force indicated in the Shop at the time of its completion will be applied to each order.

Purchase Process

In order to purchase Products, the Customer must select the desired Product and add it to the Shopping Cart, according to the indications contained in the Shop.
Once the purchase has been made, Patricia J.A. will send the Customer, to the email address indicated by the latter, a confirmation of the purchase made that will serve as proof of the operation.
The Customer may request the invoice corresponding to his purchase through the mail The order confirmation and the Proof of Purchase will not be valid as an invoice.

Payment Method

The Customer must follow the instructions offered in the Shop. Payment for the Products and shipping costs may only be made by credit or debit cards or other forms of payment that are available in the Shop at any time.
In any case, the use in particular of any available means of payment will be subject to checks and authorizations by the entities responsible for them, so if the corresponding entity does not authorize the payment the purchase process will end and the order will be automatically canceled.
When the payment is authorized, the charge of the price of the Products, their taxes, and that of the Shipping Costs will be made at the time of formalizing the order.
For the purpose of proceeding with payment by electronic means, The Shop uses an e-commerce payment gateway. The data provided to The Shop by Customers for these purposes are encrypted to ensure maximum security during the payment process and are hosted on a secure server certified according to the “Secure Socket Layer” protocol. In no case will the data of the Customers be stored through the payment gateway, and will be kept only while the purchase operation is carried out, the payment is made and until the withdrawal period has elapsed.

Shipping And Delivery Of The Products

  1. The Shop may offer Customers different types of shipping methods. The availability of different shipping methods will depend on different factors, such as the Store’s own decision whether or not to offer a certain shipping method, the type of Product and other factors. The Shop does not guarantee the availability at all times of different shipping methods. When, depending on the above factors, there are different shipping methods, these may be, among others, the following:
    • Products
      • Normal Shipping.
      • Express Shipping.
      • Direct download
      • email
      • Wetransfer
      • Dropbox
      • Drive
  2. The Customer will select the delivery method he prefers from among those offered when available.
  3. In the purchase process, the Customer will be informed of the expenses corresponding to the chosen delivery method and the foreseeable delivery time.
  4. Home delivery address: In the case of Normal and Urgent Shipping, the Products purchased in the Shop will be sent to the postal address indicated by the Customer. The services will be delivered via telematics via Email, Wetransfer, Dropbox Drive to the email address of the Customer account in the Store. The postal address may not be a post office box or public places, such as public roads, squares, stations, airports or the like. Once the shipping and billing data has been recorded, any change to them must be made through the email These changes can lead to delays in delivery times. In this case, claims for postage deadlines will not be admitted.
  5. The orders verified after the cut-off time (13:00) will count as recorded the next day, as they cannot be prepared on the same day.
  6. The delivery time of the products will be indicated in the information on the sales page of each one.
  7. The delivery time of Services will be informed during the preparation of the proposal, estimation and corresponding contract. A rough estimate will be provided in the information on the sales page of each Service or in the request for quotation corresponding to such Service.
  8. These deadlines may vary depending on the non-availability of stock of items contained in the order, the fluidity of the development of the commissioned service, as well as specific dates of high activity, such as the Christmas campaign, not guaranteeing compliance with the published deadlines. In no case will the amount paid for urgent shipping (or normal in orders under € 100) be refunded in the event of a breach of the deadline In the Christmas period between December 1 and January 6.
  9. In cases of Normal or Urgent Home Delivery of products, if the delivery of the Product to the address indicated in a first attempt is rejected or not possible, a second attempt will be made on the same day or on successive days. If delivery is also not possible on this second attempt, the Product will be returned to the Store. The costs of transport and return will be borne by the Customer and the price of the Products that could not be delivered using the same means of payment that the Customer used for the initial purchase will be refunded.
  10. The Proof of Purchase will be sent together with the Product or Products.
  11. In the event that for any reason the Shop does not comply with its obligation to deliver the Products within the established deadlines, or within a period specifically agreed with The Store, the Customer will summon the Shop to make the delivery within an additional period appropriate to the circumstances of the case. If the Shop does not make the delivery within this additional period, the Customer shall be entitled to terminate the contract. In case of termination of the contract, the Shop will return to the Customer as soon as possible the amounts paid by the latter.
  12. The dispatch of products of a durable nature shall be accompanied by the corresponding guarantee, which shall state: (i) the product to which it relates; (ii) the name and address of the person granting the warranty (which will normally be the manufacturer of the product); (iii) that the warranty does not affect the legal rights of the customer due to defects or lack of conformity of the product; (iv) the term of the same; (v) the means of complaint to make it effective; and (if applicable) the additional rights to the legal ones granted to the client.
    • NOTE: The days to which the shipping deadlines refer will always count as working days, not counting weekends or holidays. Orders verified after 12:00h will count as recorded the next day, as they cannot be prepared on the same day.
  13. It is essential that upon receipt of the product, if any anomaly is detected, it is indicated on the delivery note.


Return and Refund Policy

At, we strive to offer high-quality products that meet and exceed your expectations. However, we understand that issues or concerns can arise with your purchase. Below, we outline our return and refund policy to ensure a transparent and satisfying shopping experience.

  1. Change of Mind Since we operate on a “made-to-order” business model, each product you order is specifically crafted for you. Therefore, we cannot accept returns based solely on a change of mind.
  2. Size Issues We strongly recommend reviewing our size guide before placing an order to ensure you receive the correct size. If you encounter an issue with the size of the product received, please contact our customer service team with details and photos of the issue. While we cannot accept returns due to size issues, we will do our best to offer a solution that satisfies you.
  3. Unmet Product Quality Expectations If you feel the received product does not meet the promised quality, please contact us with details and photos of the issue. We will assess the situation and, if justified, offer you a replacement or a refund.
  4. Receipt of an Incorrect Item If you receive an item different from what you ordered, please contact us with a photo of the received product. We will ensure the correct item is sent to you as soon as possible or, if you prefer, offer a full refund.
  5. Printing Defects If your product has a printing defect, send us a clear photo of the defect. We will assess the situation to confirm the defect and offer you a replacement at no additional cost or a full refund.
  6. Return Process In cases where a return is approved:
    • The return of the Product: Any product returns must be coordinated through our customer service. Please contact our Customer Service for guidance:
      (Monday to Friday from 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.)
    • The maximum period available: Customers have a 14-day window from the date of receiving the Products to report any issues. However, given the custom nature of our products, we do not accept returns.
    • The Customer must return: Products in their original, unopened condition. Before returning any product, ensure it’s well-protected to avoid damages during transit.
    • Once the returned Products: are received and inspected, refunds will be processed using the original payment method.
    • The return costs that may: be incurred will be the responsibility of the customer.
    • The Shop reserves the right: to charge any fees if the returned product is not in its original condition.
    • Withdrawal will not proceed: For products that are custom-made or personalized, as returns for these items are not accepted.
    • GENERAL WARRANTY: All products adhere to the Consolidated Text of the General Law for the Defense of Consumers and Users. Any defects or issues will be addressed as per the stipulations of this law.
    • PRODUCT QUALITY GUARANTEES: All products undergo rigorous quality control checks before being made available for purchase. Personal opinions or aesthetic considerations will not be deemed as product defects.

The maximum period available to the Customer to send their communication is 14 calendar days from the date on which they received the Products.

The Customer must return the Products purchased in perfect condition (neither damaged, nor soiled, nor opened), properly protected and in their original packaging. Before returning the Product, the Customer must ensure that it is properly protected and sealed so that it does not suffer damage during transport.

Once the returned Products have been received by the Shop and after checking the good condition of the same, the amount corresponding to the returned units will be refunded using the same means of payment that the Customer used for the initial purchase.

The Shop reserves the right to pass on the expenses generated if the Product is not in perfect condition.

Withdrawal will not proceed when by the very nature of the Products purchased it is impossible to carry it out, without prejudice to the corresponding claim for damages suffered, including, in particular: (i) Products made according to the indications or specifications of the Client or that have been customized for it; (ii) Products that are not in perfect condition.

Your satisfaction is our priority. If you have any concerns or questions about your order, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are here to assist and ensure your shopping experience with is exceptional.


All our products are made to order or are direct digital downloads; therefore, we do not accept returns. Production begins daily at 12:00 PM Madrid, Spain time, and cancellations are not accepted after this time. Customers who purchase Products through the Shop may cancel the purchase under the following conditions:

  • Cancellations are acceptable for physical products within a 4-hour window, provided they are made before 12:00 PM in Madrid, Spain. For reference, this is equivalent to 11:00 AM GMT, 6:00 AM EST, 3:00 AM PST. Please note the time difference if you are purchasing from a different time zone.
  • Cancellations cannot be requested once the product has entered the production phase.
  • Personalized Products cannot be canceled once they have been commissioned.
  • Digital Products, being available for direct download, cannot be canceled or returned once purchased.


Customers have the right to withdraw from their purchase within a 14-day window. However, given the nature of the products being made-to-order or being digital downloads, returns are not accepted.

  • Personalized Products and Digital Downloads are exempt from the right of withdrawal due to their bespoke or non-tangible nature.
  • If a product has entered the production phase, the right to withdrawal is voided.


For the application of the guarantee provided for in the Consolidated Text of the General Law for the Defense of Consumers and Users, and without prejudice to the power of the Shop to check the defects, their origin and the moment of their appearance, the Customer must request the collection of the defective Product within a maximum period of two months from the finding of the defect, you must inform La Tienda in writing of the nature of the problem, the time and conditions of its appearance. Exception made of perishable products in which case this period is reduced to one month.


All products have been subjected to careful quality control, and are released to the market according to the standards approved by Patricia J.A.. Personal opinions about the product, as well as aesthetic considerations of the piece, will not be considered defects of the product.

If the Customer considers that a Product is not in adequate condition, he must contact the Customer Service in the shortest possible time, through or by email to the address to communicate the nature of the problem, the time and conditions of its appearance.

In the event that the claim proceeds, the return of the Product may be made through the Store, by filling in the web form attached to the return request, or through the Customer Service, where the steps to follow will be indicated:

(opening hours: Monday to Friday from 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.)

For the application of the quality guarantee, and without prejudice to the right of the Shop to check the defects, their origin and the moment of their appearance, the Customer must request the collection of the defective Product within a maximum period of one month from the receipt of the Product or immediately after the finding of the defect.

If the Shop verifies that, in fact, the Product was not in good condition and this is not attributable to the Customer, the Shop will be responsible for replacing it, without any expense for the Customer.

If the Shop verifies that the defect on which the claim is based is due to a cause attributable to the Customer or that it is in good condition, the Product will be forwarded to the Customer who must bear the costs of collection, return and reshipment.


In a firm commitment to respect the rights of individuals and compliance with data protection regulations, and in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation 2016/679, of the European Parliament and of the Council, of April 27, 2016, Patricia J. A. makes available to Users its Privacy Policy that aims to publicize the way in which Patricia J.A. collects, treats and protects the personal data of people who access or make use of its services. For this purpose, the following information policies regarding the processing of your personal data in the Shop are indicated:

Patricia J.A. makes these terms and conditions available to you sufficiently in advance, in accordance with current legislation, so that they can be consulted, stored and reproduced.

In the event that any provision of these Conditions is declared null or unenforceable, in whole or in part, by any Court, Tribunal or competent administrative body, such nullity or non-application shall not affect the remaining provisions. In that case, the affected clause or clauses will be replaced by another or others that have the effects more similar to those of the replaced ones.


In the Store, facts with reference to the National Labor Calendar of Spain will be understood as all deadlines and mentions of working days.


The Client will be able to access the online dispute resolution platform of the European Union by following this link.

The parties submit, at their option, for the resolution of conflicts and waiving any other jurisdiction, to the courts and tribunals of the domicile of Patricia J.A.

These Conditions have been drafted in accordance with Law 34/2002, on services of the information society and electronic commerce and Royal Legislative Decree 1/2007, of November 16, which approves the Revised Text of the General Law on the Defense of Consumers and Users and other complementary laws in accordance with the latest wording.