About PJ3DArtist: Passion for Art and Design

PJ3DArtist is a passionate and committed team, dedicated to offering you exceptional products that enrich your lifestyle. Our love for design and fashion, along with our meticulous attention to detail, is reflected in every piece of our collection.

Passion and dedication

We’re pleased to help you find the perfect pieces for your home and style.

Our History: The Origin of PJ3DArtist

The name PJ3DArtist has its roots in a love story for art and design that dates back to 2012. Every day since then has been a new opportunity to create and share this passion. For years, I have collaborated with studios and professionals, expanding their vision with my skills as a 3D artist, specializing in character modeling, digital sculpture, printing, construction, and 3D concepts. My name is Patricia Jarandilla. Now, in an exciting evolution of my career, I am bringing my passion and creativity directly to the homes and individuals around the world through this online store.

Our Collection: A Reflection of Art, Creativity, and Usability

At PJ3DArtist Store, we offer a wide range of art, design, fashion, and accessory products. Each piece is a reflection of our love for art, creativity, and usability.

Our Goal: Catering to Diverse Styles and Personalities

Our goal is to provide art, design, and fashion that suits a wide range of styles and personalities, from modern to minimalist, abstract to realistic. We understand that we all need a multitude of things in our day-to-day, and we focus on providing the most beautiful, inspiring, and useful. This is just the beginning: every day we expand our catalog with new digital and physical products.

Join Our Adventure

We invite you to join us on this exciting adventure and discover how digital art can transform your spaces and projects.

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