Entertainment industry models

I have done multiple jobs for projects related to the leisure and entertainment industry. Miniatures for board games, articulated costumes for cinema, promotional models and more.


Miniature models

Miniatures creation, colored and uncolored, ready for 3d printing. Collectibles, models for film and TV sets, for board and war games…


Soldiers in official WWII uniforms

Balto Fan Art

Toys and figures

film and tv Atrezzo


From reliefs and replicas of emblematic pieces of art for walls to 3d reference models for the construction of great characters as props for official stores and spaces of small and large companies.

Acuatico Warner Lola y Bugs Bunny


Large, medium and small figures, reliefs and other pieces that add meaning to indoor and outdoor spaces.

Character figure Relieve Buddah


Bas-reliefs, Half-reliefs, High-reliefs or Half bulge for integration on flat surfaces


Replicas of pieces of art history

Tulipa para Lampara Virgen Del Pilar con Escudo Guardia Civil

Decorative pieces
for 3d printing

Pieces for decoration of architectural areas and spaces.


Product development

Rapid prototyping of models and decorative parts nonfunctional for real-life display, advertising, creating molds…

3D product designs

Test your products with 3d printed prototypes and check their viability, integrate them in the production phases and use them to make them ubiquitous.

Models mockups

Non-functional aesthetic parts and prototypes for 3D printing to create product presentations creatively. 

Models for ads
with still images

That you can use for posters, illustration and web design.

ring design

Models for 3d printing of master models

For you to print and use to create originals for your molds


Fashion and cosplay

3d modeling of costumes and accessories.

3D fashion designs

Customize your look, and feel emotionally connected to a character wearing his/her clothes and acessories.


Iconic costumes of superheroes, video games, films characters and other.


Iconic accesories of superheroes, video games, films and other characters costumes.


Creation of organic & embossed rings, bracelets and personalized pendants.

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