Nestlé Caja Roja Chocolates, 800g

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  • Delicioso surtido de 88 bombones de chocolate con leche, negro y blanco de excelente calidad. Bombones 100% aromas naturales.
  • CAJA ROJA ofrece una deliciosa combinación de cremosos y fundentes bombones de chocolate blanco, chocolate negro y chocolate con leche con diferentes e irresistibles adiciones (avellanas, almendras, caramelo, naranja..).
  • Bombones especialmente pensados para regalar, con CAJA ROJA siempre quedas bien en cualquier celebración.
  • NESTLÉ CAJA ROJA se fabrica en La Penilla (Cantabria), con leche fresca recogida diariamente en la cornisa cantábrica.
  • 100% cacao de cultivo sostenible seleccionado a través de NESTLE Cocoa Plan. Certificado UTZ.
  • Los bombones CAJA ROJA son ideales para cualquier ocasión: regalar, compartir en eventos o para celebrar el día a día y darse un capricho.

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CAJA ROJA de Nestlé


Store in a cool, dry place


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Cjocolates Nestlé Caja Roja

CAJA ROJA from Nestlé is the most emblematic assortment of chocolates locally, creating history since 1972. It is manufactured in Penilla del Cayón (Cantabria) with milk from the Cantabrian coast and, high-quality cocoa and 100% sustainable cultivation; certified by RainforestAlliance.

Caja Roja Varietie

  • CAJA ROJA offers a delicious combination of creamy and melting milk chocolate, dark chocolate and white chocolate chocolates. 11 delicious varieties.
bombones, chocolate, nestle, cocoa plan, sostenibilidad

Responsible with rural development

The cocoa industry is currently facing two major challenges: on the one hand, cocoa production has decreased considerably in recent years, and, on the other, the quality of the raw material obtained has also decreased due to the aging of cocoa trees. , very vulnerable to diseases. To address this situation, Nestlé launched the Nestlé CocoaPlan in October 2009, a set of concrete actions aimed at achieving sustainable cocoa cultivation.

Important information

Safety information

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Store in a cool, dry place


Sugar, cocoa butter, cocoa, MILK, vegetable fats (palm, shea), skimmed MILK powder, anhydrous DAIRY fat, MILK powder, ALMONDS, WHEAT flour, BUTTER, maltodextrin, WHEAT malt flour, concentrated BUTTER, BARLEY malt, salt, emulsifier (sunflower lecithin), defatted cocoa, natural vanilla aromas, natural orange aroma, natural aromas. May contain other NUEL FRUITS and EGG.


Store in a cool, dry place

Legal note

We recommend that you always read the labels, warnings and instructions on the product packaging before using or consuming it, as you will be able to find more detailed and up-to-date information about it.



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Nestlé Caja Roja Chocolates, 800g
17,72  17,72 

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