Professional 3d artist
specialized in character figures for 3d printing

Here you have my 3d artist portfolio with some examples of 3d character figures and models, 3d digital sculpture, 3d life-size sculpture conceptualization, 3d printing models, 3d printing miniatures, scale models, and prototyping

What I Do

I create 3d characters through modeling and digital sculpture so that you can print them in 3D, use them as a concept for the construction of life-size sculptures, integrate them into illustrations and other types of still images, etc.


Miniatures and scale models for 3d printing

Characters sculpture for 3d printing is my specialty. I work as a Professional 3d character sculptor sculpting and modeling miniatures and scale models for 3d printing since 2013, mostly in realistic style.


Do you have a production team and need more sculptures digital designs? If your workflow need consistent 3D references, I can create them for you providing as many views as you need.


We can work together to create digital characters and creatures that will look spectacular in still images, animations, virtual scenes, and any other digital media.


Patricia Jarandilla, diseñador 3d online

I work remotely as freelance 3d artist from Spain since 2013 enjoying each day this job, my passion.

I offer my services as a professional 3D artist studios and professionals who need to expand permanently or occasionally their teams, and to individuals who need 3D portraits, sculptures, 3D printable files ...

Characters digital sculpture 100%
Organic and hard surface modeling 100%
Textures and Colour 90%
Processes for 3D printing 95%


Realistic sculptures of characters from scratch and from 3D scans including corrections and modifications.
Modeling of licensed character figures for miniatures and life- size sculpture manufacturing : Nickelodeon, Disney, DC Comics , Looney Tunes, Warner
Scale models for 3d printing with color and without color
Articulated suits for 3D printing for films
Character modeling for advertising (still image)
High-poly and low-poly realistic characters modeling and texturing for AAA video games and VR
Modeling for 3D printing and FDM printing of models and figures for exhibition and promotion.
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Recent Works

Amazing professionals trust me to work with them on their projects.

Correction of scans of soldiers in WWII uniforms for miniatures

Lampshade for 3D printing

Disney character Jenna fan art

get Sculptures and 3D models on different styles

Cartoony style​ character 3D models

Stylized characters 3D sculptures

Realistic characters digital sculptures

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