About the Artist

I am Patricia Jarandilla, a passionate 3D artist and online designer from Spain.

Since 2012, every day has been a new opportunity for me to create and share my love for digital art. Over the years, I have worked with studios and professionals, expanding their vision with my skills in character modeling, digital sculpting, and 3D concepts. Today, in an exciting evolution of my career, I am bringing my passion and creativity directly to homes and individuals around the world through my online store.


In my store, you can find a wide range of ready-to-download digital art products. From conceptual images and illustrations to printable 3D models and sketches, each piece is a reflection of my love for art and creativity.


Currently, I am thrilled to share my latest creations in 2D wall art and decor, featuring a variety of artistic styles, colors, and themes, each infused with my style and attention to detail.


My goal is to provide art that speaks to different styles and personalities, from modern to minimalist, abstract to realistic. And this is just the beginning: in the coming months, I plan to expand my catalog to include printable 3D models and other digital and physical products.


Join me on this exciting journey and discover how digital art can transform your spaces and projects.

Patricia Jarandilla, diseñador 3d online
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